What materials are used to make plastic products?


We encounter plastic every day – products made from this material are used in everyday life, agriculture, as well as in various industries. They differ in volume, purpose, and form. And one of the most common types of such products in Ukraine is packaging and containers for food storage (for example, containers for honey).

What is used to make such popular products? Naturally plastic, but in each case, a certain type of such material is used. All types of plastic differ in characteristics, consistency, and appearance. Let’s understand this in more detail.

What characterizes plastic?

The material itself is created artificially from natural or synthetic polymer compounds. These components are special substances that are built from large molecules that form long chains. The properties of the finished product depend on the type of connections from which such chains are formed.

This also takes into account the temperature and pressure level set during material processing. The result can be plastic containers, children’s toys, building materials, and other items. Some of them have high strength and hardness, while others are flexible and soft.

A unique fact: the same polymer can become the basis for the production of clothing and bottles. But, the most common type is harmless polypropylene, from which food storage containers are made.

What are plastic products made from?

Plastic is now called a whole list of artificial materials that are obtained from organic raw materials by chemical reactions. Several varieties are used to create plastic products:

Injection moldings – an example is a plastic food container, which consists only of polymer compounds;
Sheet thermoplastic masses – vinyl plastics and plexiglass, which are created from a plasticizer, stabilizer, and resins;
Fiberglass – plastic with the addition of asbestos fiber, fiberglass, and other components;
Press powders – plastic with the addition of powdered substances;
Laminated plastic – the material is reinforced with paper, fiberglass, etc.

The first option is the safest, so it is used in the food industry.

What does PrimeBox use in production?

In the manufacturing process, we use only environmentally friendly polypropylene, providing Uzhgorod, Zaporizhzhia, Poltava, and other cities of Ukraine with safe products. The substance is a solid thermoplastic synthetic polymer, which belongs to the category of polyolefins. The material is available in the form of colorless and colored granules.

Polypropylene is also available in several varieties, the main of which are copolymer and homopolymer. Both types are used in our production. We use a homopolymer for transparent buckets and a copolymer for colored and white buckets.

This use is due to the properties of these polymers. Increased rigidity and brittleness, when exposed to low temperatures, characterize the homopolymer. It is in a partially crystallizing state. May have a transparent texture. The material molecule includes only propylene units.

The copolymer is characterized by increased impact resistance and is used without problems at low temperatures. In addition, it is characterized by the following properties:

Easily recyclable;
Has low wear resistance
· contains about 46-66% ethylene units.

The copolymer can also be transparent, but subject to certain conditions. It is necessary to introduce a nucleator (structure former) into its composition or apply special technological methods. For example, you can lower the mold temperature.

Thanks to the use of safe materials and the latest equipment, we can offer customers high-quality plastic food containers in bulk. In each case, the client is guaranteed an individual approach, affordable prices, and favorable terms of cooperation.


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