What is the best container for food storage?


Each of us tries to select only the “right” and healthy food for ourselves and our families. But, not everyone has the opportunity to visit shops every day where you can buy fresh food. In this case, it becomes necessary to store or transfer food (for example, to a picnic, where a plastic food container would be appropriate).

For this purpose, different types of packaging are used in Ukraine and around the world, and certain conditions are also observed. The main condition for the correct storage of many products is maintaining the correct temperature. This mode can be provided by a refrigerator and other cooling units. But, let’s first figure out in what containers the products are placed there.

What container is used to store food?

To keep the properties of food longer, it is placed in packaging and different types of containers. Plastic bags are suitable for vegetables, herbs, and fruits. They can also be used for fatty foods (cheese, butter, etc.), but only for 1-2 hours. When buying such products, you should pay attention to the purpose. They must be food grade.

For some products, you can also use cling film, foil, or parchment paper. The only caveat is that such types of packaging do not provide full safety. Plastic food containers are the best option.

Which plastic containers are suitable for food storage?

When choosing such a container for food, pay attention to the quality of the material. Safe products are made only from harmless food-grade plastic. If the label has an icon with a fork and a glass, then you have a safe plastic container.

It is also worth remembering that there are two types of such containers:

· for storage in the cooled look and a warming up;
For cold storage only.

This is important because heating the second type of container can lead to the release of toxic substances. Separately, you can also consider plastic buckets, which also allow you to store food in the right conditions. You can buy them in bulk in Kryvyi Rih, Kherson, and other cities in Ukraine.

Why choose plastic buckets?

This container is presented in a wide range. It can be used to store a wide variety of foods, including meat, fish, and vegetables. For each type of food, you can choose a container of a suitable shape, which will ensure tightness and protect against weathering. In addition, it is worth buying plastic containers in the form of buckets for several more reasons:

resistance to moisture;
Large range of colors
impact resistance;
Convenience during transportation over long distances;
Does not emit toxic substances;
safety for health and the environment;
tightness and reliability;
resistance to temperature changes;
low weight;
a wide variety of forms.

A relatively inexpensive price is also considered an equally important property of the container. The most profitable solution would be to buy plastic buckets in bulk. For more convenient use, the products are also equipped with a lid and a handle. This ensures the complete tightness and safety of products. In some cases, buckets are made by sealing.

What packaging does PrimeBox offer?

We provide our customers with only high-quality and durable plastic containers made from environmentally friendly raw materials. The packaging has excellent performance characteristics, provides the right conditions for storage, and meets all international standards.

The quality of products is confirmed by DSTU certificates and SES conclusions. The range includes products of different shapes and capacities, so each client will be able to choose something for himself. We also offer buckets in different colors, for which only safe pigments are used.

If you are interested in high-quality plastic buckets from the manufacturer, then we will be happy to help you. You can clarify all the details and place an order by contacting our managers by phone or through an electronic application on the website. We deliver products to Mykolaiv, Chernihiv, Kyiv, and other cities in Ukraine.


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