What exhibitions are held in Ukraine in the industry of plastic packaging and plastic products?


Plastic appeared as a result of the synthetic revolution and became one of the most important inventions of the 20th century. The unique properties of the polymer made it popular in almost all industries. The manufacture of plastic products has gradually reached a new level, and now we cannot imagine our life without this amazing material.

Today, the achievements of science in this area can be seen at various exhibitions that are periodically held in Ukraine. Such events allow you to get acquainted with new technologies, study problem situations, and find solutions. In addition, the exhibitions are a meeting place for scientists and leading experts in this field.

What exhibitions can be visited in Ukraine?

Every year Ukraine hosts various exhibitions and other similar events dedicated to technologies in the field of plastic manufacturing and processing. Some of them discuss the features and prospects for the production of plastic containers.

On September 23, 2020, one of the most important events dedicated to the topic of packaging (including plastic packaging) will take place – the Pack Expo exhibition. Participants can get acquainted with different types of packaging products, materials for their manufacture, as well as the latest technologies in this area.

Another event of 2020 will also be the PLAST EXPO UA 2020 exhibition, which is held from November 24 to 27 in Kyiv. This is an international event that brings together specialists in the field of rubber and plastics processing.

In addition, in autumn 2020, it is planned to hold the XVII International Specialized Exhibition of Eco-Products for the Whole Family in Kyiv. As part of the event, a demonstration of plastic recycling will be held. The business program includes the following activities:

Masterclasses from foreign and domestic experts.

Given this, the exhibition will be an ideal meeting place for ordinary consumers and reputable professionals.

What is the purpose of the Pack Expo?

The exhibition belongs to events of an international scale and is one of the largest events in Ukraine dedicated to the packaging industry. Over its many years of existence, Pack Expo has become the most effective and relevant tool for cooperation in the field of B2B.

In addition, the exhibition becomes a meeting place for all experts in this field. Our company also plans to take part, which will improve the experience gained in the production of plastic containers.

What will be presented at the exhibition?

The event is open to both leading and new players in the packaging market. The exhibition will present not only types of packaging, but also technical equipment. Manufacturers of plastic containers can familiarize themselves with the following types of equipment:

for packing;
for the production of packaging;
for the production of materials;
for dosage;
for capping and other procedures.

Additionally, labels, printing products, and equipment for their production will be presented at the exhibition. The main objectives of this exhibition are:

demonstration of new achievements in the field of packaging;
creating a favorable environment for attracting a large number of potential customers.

The exhibition is also internationally recognized by two major organizations: the Confederation of Packaging Show Organizers and the International Association of the Exhibition Industry UFI. In addition, it is part of the IFFIP International Forum for Industry and Packaging.

What exhibitions were held in Ukraine before?

Important exhibitions related to the production of plastic products were held in 2012, 2013, 2016, and 2018. During this period, the following activities were carried out:

VII International Exhibition PLASTEX Ukraine 2012 – the topic was the production of plastics and rubber in Ukraine;
The 5th International Specialized Exhibition – its name is “Metalworking. Tool. Plastics 2013″;
The 8th International Specialized Exhibition – the theme was dedicated to plastics, tools, and metalworking.

In 2018 Kyiv became the venue for another unusual event – Wrapped in Plastic. The exhibition was held to draw attention to the environmental problems associated with overconsumption. Members of a Ukrainian art group have created a unique installation out of plastic waste.

In the future, Ukrainian specialists plan only to improve technologies (including the production of plastic packaging). Therefore, in the future, thematic exhibitions will continue in Odesa, Lviv, and other large cities.


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