The process of creating plastic containers: raw materials, forms, and technology features


Plastic containers are one of the most common types of packaging products in Ukraine. The scope of products is quite wide. Plastic packaging of various types is used in chemical, food, construction, and many other industries. In addition, it has become an indispensable assistant in everyday life. Plastic containers for honey and other food products are very popular.

Due to the unique properties and universal application of products, their production has become a profitable business. On sale, there is the necessary equipment and materials for this. In addition, the production of plastic products brings a good profit. But, before organizing production, you need to study many nuances. PrimeBox experts recommend studying the technology, types of packaging, and raw materials.

What are the types of plastic containers?

In Ukraine, the manufacture of plastic products involves the use of different equipment and materials. This allows the production of containers of several types. The following types of packaging can be produced on modern equipment:

Purpose is the basis of this classification. In addition, the container can be divided into groups depending on the manufacturing technology. In this case, the assortment includes the following types of products:

The containers that are included in the first group take the second place in terms of strength. In the first place is the injection container. Blow molds are made from thermoplastic raw materials. Thermoformed packaging is the most resistant to elevated temperatures. Polymer-welded types of packaging deserve special attention. Thanks to the welded method, they are characterized by increased strength.

What raw materials are used in the production process?

Modern manufacturers of plastic containers use ready-made polyethylene film or granular material. Substances in the form of granules are characterized by plasticity and lower cost. But, for the manufacture of containers from granulate, more effort and time are needed. The reason is the need for pre-fabrication of films from prepared materials.

If we consider the raw materials in more detail, then the container can be made from:
polyethylene terephthalate;
low-pressure polyethylene;
high-pressure polyethylene;
polyvinyl chloride.

PET or polyethylene terephthalate is one of the safest types of material that is highly recyclable. It is mainly used for the production of food packaging. Polystyrene has a special density and is used for the production of the lower part of the container (pallet) and boxes. Compared to other materials, it is quite harmful.

Low-pressure polyethylene is characterized by plasticity and safety. Suitable for recycling. The main field of application is packaging for elastic items. Polypropylene is an environmentally friendly material that is used even for the production of children’s plastic tableware. But bulk substances and chemical liquids can be stored in rigid PVC products. You can find out the type of raw material by a special mark on the container.

What technology is used to produce plastic containers?

Plastic products can be created using several technologies. The choice of a particular option depends on the following factors: the characteristics of the products, their types, and the material used.

The main methods for the production of plastic containers include:
shaping by vacuum;
casting (blowing).

The most popular method is extrusion. This technology is used to produce most of all plastic containers. In the production process using this technology, granular raw materials are used. Virtually all thin-walled types of packaging are formed by vacuum. During production, polypropylene, polystyrene, and other types of plastic are used. Casting is ideal for bottle production.

In what shapes and colors are plastic containers produced?

Products are widely used in various spheres of life, which has led to the emergence of a dozen types of plastic structures. On the market, you can see plastic bottles for cosmetics, packaging film, bottles, tubes, barrels, jars, tubes, and buckets of various sizes.

The latter can be used in construction, food, and chemical industries. You can see the main types of such products in the PrimeBox catalog.
Here you can buy plastic containers of different shapes and colors. The catalog has transparent, white, and multi-colored containers. Any of them can be ordered to Dnipro, Odesa, Lviv, and other cities in Ukraine.


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