The principle of operation of the injection molding machine


Plastic products simply surround each of us. Applying them every day, few people think about the production process of such material. If we consider in detail the manufacture of plastic products, it becomes clear that the process itself is quite complicated and requires special equipment.

The main type of equipment used for this purpose is the injection molding machine. The installation is characterized by relatively small dimensions and simple maintenance requirements. With this unit, PrimeBox produces a large number of plastic containers that can be purchased in bulk.

Design features

According to world statistics (including data from Ukraine), 1/3 of piece products for sale are produced using the injection molding method. It is on this principle that a compact (compared to large-sized industrial equipment) injection molding machine operates, which is used in large-scale industries in the Dnipro, Kyiv, and Odesa.

The plant is a type of equipment that is designed for the production of plastic packaging and other products from this material in a given shape. Its work is almost completely automated – manual intervention is minimal.

Such equipment makes it possible to produce both full-fledged products and some of their parts. The design is based on special hydraulic cylinders that simplify control.

Sensors control the main parameters. In addition, the kit includes a variable action pump, slotted plates, valves, and an injection unit.

Basics of work

The thermoplastic machine works cyclically. This means that the production of plastic containers involves several operations that are carried out in order. The systematic principle of operation allows you to quickly and easily master the basics of working with such equipment.

The unit is controlled by the built-in controller. It allows you to install programs for the manufacture of containers of different shapes. Such programs cover all operations from the moment the sleeve is pressed to the removal of a full-fledged product.

The manufacturing process of a particular container includes several stages:

1. The form closes – closer to the moment of connection, the speed of movement of the plate decreases to avoid the collision of two parts with each other;
2. The mouthpiece of the special module is pressed against the sprue sleeve on the mold – these blocks remain in this state throughout the entire process of forming plastic containers;
3. Injection of pre-melted and heated raw materials into the mold is carried out – this procedure occurs due to the action of the screw-piston;
4. The form is filled – through special air valves, the air is completely displaced from it;
5. the plastic product is kept under pressure as much as possible with simultaneous cooling – the procedure is performed upon completion of filling the mold;
6. the finished container is cooled without pressure – the pressure decreases gradually, heading towards the atmospheric mark;
7. The mold opens and the container is removed using pushers – the action is performed only after the mold has completely cooled down.

The safety of the process is ensured by the presence of a check valve, which excludes the release of material into the pre-mouthpiece area. The holding period under pressure depends on the parameters set by the program itself. Upon completion of the main process, melt cushions remain in the pre-mouthpiece zone. A new mold is poured only after the previous container has been safely removed.

The plastic production process at PrimeBox

If you are interested in wholesale quality plastic containers, then we are glad to offer you our products. Our production facilities allow us to create strong, durable, and most importantly – environmentally friendly plastic products.

Modern injection molding machines and the latest technologies allow us to adhere to all norms and standards. In addition, we can offer affordable prices for all products, because plastic packaging from the manufacturer always has a lower cost.


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