Shapes and volumes of buckets


A plastic bucket is one of the most practical packaging options in Ukraine. Due to the convenient design and ease of use, plastic containers are especially in demand. They are used in the chemical and food industries, construction, and agriculture.

The standard equipment includes a bucket with a lid and a handle. This ensures reliable and safe storage of various caustic substances and building materials. As for food products, in such containers, they do not lose their taste and are not saturated with third-party odors.

What are the types of plastic buckets?

Capacities are presented in a huge assortment, which allows you to choose the best option for almost any purpose. They differ in several ways:

· spaciousness;

Another important criterion for dividing plastic containers into types is the purpose of use. Let’s take a look at each criterion in turn.

Bucket capacity

The following volumes of plastic products are on sale:

1.0 l;
1.1 l;
2.25 l;
3.3 l;
5.0 l;
5.5 l;
11.3 l;
21 l.

This gradation allows each buyer to buy containers of suitable capacity. If you find it difficult to choose the right option, please contact our experienced consultants.

Bucket colors

The use of different types of polymers and coloring compositions allows you to create containers of different shades. The most common types are white and transparent buckets. They are versatile and suitable for storing different products.
In addition, customers can order colored plastic buckets, the quality of which does not differ from standard white products. In the casting process, we use only high-quality and safe dyes that do not pose a threat to the environment and the human body.

Bucket shape

The most comfortable use of buckets in various areas of life is ensured by a properly selected shape. Modern injection molding machines and the latest technologies make it possible to create the following types of plastic containers:

· Cone-shaped;
· Oval;

This list is not exhaustive. At the request of the customer, plastic buckets can also be made according to an individual sketch. This issue is already being clarified with the manufacturers of plastic containers.

As for the presented species, they are used for different purposes. For example, oval buckets will be an excellent solution for agriculture, while round buckets are suitable for transporting loose and liquid materials. In construction, rectangular buckets will be appropriate.

How to choose a plastic bucket?

Before ordering buckets in bulk in the Dnieper, you need to carefully study all the options, as well as their features. The purpose, volume, and material of manufacture are taken into account. First, it is worth deciding for what purposes the product is planned to be used.

In the food industry, it is allowed to use containers only from safe, environmentally friendly materials. We use proven polypropylene in our production. It is suitable for storing any food and liquids.

Among the advantages of such material, one can note the harmlessness and lack of influence on the taste characteristics of products. Polypropylene buckets are also suitable for transporting food over different distances. It is also worth checking the presence of additional elements – handles and covers. They make the product more convenient to use.

What types of buckets does PrimeBox offer?

Our catalog contains a wide range of plastic containers for different needs. You can purchase buckets for food storage or technical purposes. All of them have different capacities and colors.

We produce plastic containers in the following colors:

· transparent;
· white;

In the process, we use non-toxic dyes that provide high-quality coloring and beautiful shades. The capacity of all types of buckets varies from 1.0 liters to 21 liters. If you have any difficulties or questions during the selection process, then qualified consultants will be happy to help you. Delivery is carried out in Khmelnytskyi, Cherkasy, and other cities on the territory of Ukraine.


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