Production of plastic buckets as a business


Plastic buckets have long been indispensable helpers in everyday life and at work. Products are environmentally friendly, easy to use, and resistant to chemicals. Such characteristics make them not only a useful product but also a great idea for a business.

Organizing the production of plastic buckets is not at all difficult, and if successful, a good profit is guaranteed. You can verify this by going to our catalog. The PrimeBox company has become one of the best manufacturers of plastic buckets in Ukraine.

What types of buckets can be made?

Having decided to engage in the production of plastic buckets, you need to understand the varieties of products. The generally accepted classification allows us to divide them into several groups:

sanitary and hygienic purposes (garbage bins);
for food products;
containers for performing gardening work.

In addition, you can divide plastic buckets by volume. The most popular are options with a volume of 0.5 and 10 liters. If you want to launch the production of products of different capacities, you can familiarize yourself with all kinds of volumes at the link:

What technology is used in the manufacturing process?

The production of plastic buckets starts with the selection of suitable raw materials. Well-known manufacturers mainly use 2 types of material:
isotactic polypropylene;

The first option is distinguished by the absence of toxins in the composition and absolute environmental friendliness. It is even used for the production of children’s toys and dishes. The second option is used in the food industry for the manufacture of bags, water bottles, and buckets in which technical materials can be stored. These types of raw materials are loaded into a special machine, where dyeing, shaping, and marking take place.

What equipment is needed for production?

To make high-quality plastic buckets for various purposes, you need to purchase the following types of equipment:
spray gun;
injection molding machine;
molds (matrices);
cooling chamber;
raw material loader.

Experts recommend purchasing devices in a complex and checking their compatibility. The injection molding machine provides injection molding. The airbrush provides coloring of the amphora mass.
Molds are designed to give the desired shape. The loader is a device for supplying heated material to the mold, and the cooling chamber ensures the solidification of plastic buckets.
What are the requirements for product quality?
To prevent the appearance of marriage, strict quality control is established in the production of plastic containers.

Finished products must meet the following specifications:
absence of blisters and cracks;
smooth surface;
even color;
correct form.

Food plastic is also tested with water. The liquid that has been in contact with the product must not have any shades. If colored water is poured out of a plastic food container, then such products are not allowed for sale.

What are the main organizational points?

Selling plastic containers is a laborious and responsible process. If you want to succeed, then it is worth learning some organizational points. Start by studying market conditions. You need to find out what types of plastic buckets an ordinary consumer needs.

Take care also of activity registration. This will allow you to officially engage in the specified type of business, and conclude transactions. Another important point is the study of the requirements of SanPiN. The production of plastic containers must be coordinated with the environmental, sanitary, and fire services.


As you can see, there is nothing difficult in organizing the production of plastic buckets. It is enough just to find out what the buyer wants to buy, pick up the premises, equipment, and purchase materials. Do not forget to also create favorable conditions so that the client can profitably buy plastic buckets. To do this, you need to calculate the price of plastic buckets and set the allowable margin. Then it remains only to develop the enterprise.


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