Plastic containers for honey and food


To describe how often we need plastic containers, we will have to spend a lot of time – we need them always and everywhere, and alternatives to them have not yet been invented in many areas of life.

Plastic containers (all kinds of containers, cans, boxes, etc.) are an integral part of modern life. As soon as it comes to transporting or transferring products, we immediately remember it by purchasing plastic containers for products in bulk.

How can one go on a picnic, on vacation, on a hike without them, pass a sandwich to a child at school, or transport everything to the country house? It seems that the most common customer always buys plastic containers in bulk. And the heads of large manufacturing companies (fruit and vegetable, pharmaceutical, bakeries, poultry farms, household chemicals, etc.) remember plastic containers even more often.

Features of containers for honey

Most of all, these containers are loved by honey producers, this is their most popular container. Such “jars” do not break, they are easy to transport, durable, they can be stacked on top of each other and you don’t have to worry about leakage, the product itself does not interact with the material, so the taste and smell of honey are preserved.

Manufacturers of honey containers offer a variety of volumes, heights, diameters, and neck sizes. Honey distributors are well aware that all these parameters depend on the type of honey and its consistency, therefore they have every opportunity to pour the product into the most optimal container.

In the warehouse of the Prime Box company, you can buy plastic containers for honey in bulk at one of the lowest prices in Ukraine. All products are certified in Ukraine, and only high-quality and non-toxic raw materials are used in the manufacture of products.

A wide range of requirements from different customers led to the emergence of many different sizes and shapes. The production of plastic containers does not declare the rigidity of a certain shape, so the price for individual sizes varies slightly.

In addition, in terms of structural rigidity and strength, it is unrivaled.
Modern materials that are used in the manufacture of containers (polyamide, polypropylene, polystyrene) have different properties, it depends on what will be stored in them. Manufacturers are especially sensitive to containers for honey because this product is very sensitive and immediately reacts to materials that are not suitable for it.

Therefore, manufacturers compete for the quality of honey containers and you can buy honey containers in bulk without worrying since special attention is paid to the choice of material for such containers. You can beautifully advertise your products on containers, its practicality is no longer in doubt, but these are not its only advantages.

Advantages of plastic containers

● Hygroscopicity. The container does not absorb moisture and always weighs the same.
● Smooth surface. This qualitatively preserves the contents from damage.
● Lightness. The container is not threatened by corrosion, rust, and other damage.
● Hygienic inner surface.
● Wear resistance and strength. This means a long service life.
● Large temperature range (-30 – +40°C).
● Resistance to aggressive environment.
● Plastic containers do not break.
● The product, which is in a plastic container, does not lose its taste characteristics.


1. Ideal tightness is not always achieved.
2. Produced from exhaustible natural resources.
3. low recycling rate.
There is another point that consumers consider a disadvantage – they still associate this product with non-natural ones, so sometimes they avoid buying it, but this is not the case, modern materials are environmentally friendly and the largest market for plastic packaging is in the food industry.

In Prime Box, you can order and buy convenient plastic food containers in bulk. This is very convenient because we transport food in such containers, they are very convenient and economical, and their lightweight and convenient shape make loading simple and fast.


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