Organization of product delivery in Ukraine


The process of selling containers in bulk includes not only the production of plastic packaging, taking into account all the requirements of the customer. Delivery of products also deserves special attention. When choosing a method of transporting products to a specific region, it is worth considering the features of different services and the conditions for the provision of services.

Naturally, each customer wants to receive high-quality service and pay the minimum cost. But not all manufacturers of plastic containers can offer comfortable conditions for the transportation of finished containers to their destination.

What delivery terms does PrimeBox offer?

Our skilled staff understands the value of time for manufacturers and wholesalers trying to keep their businesses running smoothly. Therefore, we create all conditions for comfortable and fast transportation of finished plastic buckets.

We have a logistics center, whose specialists select the best transport and route for safe and timely delivery. In addition, we cooperate with all well-known carrier companies that travel to Mariupol, Kamyanets-Podilskyi, and other cities in Ukraine. You can order plastic containers for honey and other substances with delivery in almost any way.

How is the delivery?

We can send orders in several ways:

Own transportation;
Nova Poshta;
InTime service;
Meest Express;

In addition, the shipment can be carried out by courier services. Finished products are sent to Dnipro, as well as throughout Ukraine. The customer has to choose the most suitable method.

In most cases, orders that are placed in the morning (until about 13.00) are delivered to the city on the same day. If orders for plastic containers are received in the afternoon, they are shipped the next business day.

If delivery is not needed, our staff will be happy to meet you at the office. To do this, you only need to agree in advance on the details and time of the visit. You can see the address and map on our website. In case of difficulties with the choice of a suitable method of delivery of plastic containers, our experienced managers will help you.

They will help you choose a profitable and convenient way of delivery. You can get advice by phone or via feedback. After placing an order through the electronic form on the website, our employees also contact the client to clarify all the details, including those related to payment and delivery method.

How is delivery carried out by different services?

Thanks to well-established cooperation with many carrier partners, our company can provide each customer with favorable conditions for the delivery of plastic products.

Sending products by courier

This delivery method is suitable for those who want to receive the goods as quickly as possible. Such services are paid per the current tariffs of carrier companies. In Ukraine, couriers deliver orders that cost at least 200 UAH.

The best options would be Nova Poshta and Justin – the companies that provide the fastest delivery. We also cooperate with the courier service InTime, Ukrposhta, and Delivery. Upon receipt, we recommend that you carefully inspect the goods.

Delivery across the territory of Ukraine

Our company cooperates with all known cargo transportation services. Thanks to this, each customer is provided with an individual approach and selection of the optimal option for the transportation of plastic products. Delivery across the territory of Ukraine usually takes 1-2 days from the date of manufacture of the entire volume of products.

Declaration numbers are reported daily by phone or in messages. When choosing a carrier company, it is worth considering its prices for services, as well as reputation. This will avoid receiving damaged products.

We, in turn, guarantee the shipment of quality products, since all plastic containers are carefully checked before shipment. To agree on the method and get advice, just contact our managers in any convenient way.


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