News in the plastic packaging and polypropylene industry


The global pandemic now has a special impact on the plastic packaging and polypropylene market, as well as on many other industries. In this regard, the popularity of products that protect against bacteria and viruses has increased. Plastic packaging is also included in this category of goods since it allows you to exclude direct contact with the contents.

Eco-packaging in such conditions quickly faded into the background, and the level of production of polypropylene increased around the world. Ukraine is no exception either. The production of plastic containers from polypropylene is a priority for many modern enterprises, including PrimeBox.

The trend toward changing packaging
The plastic packaging industry is seeing a gradual transition to safer and more environmentally friendly polypropylene. And polystyrene, which was often used for the production of disposable packaging and utensils intended for the catering industry, is fading into the background. Leading manufacturers of plastic food containers claim that the market is already beginning to develop in this direction.

This is especially true for products such as trays and lids for disposable tableware. This fact is also confirmed by representatives of retail chains of supermarkets. Recently, the number of food orders at home has increased, so plastic packaging has become more in demand. In this regard, polypropylene is superior to all kinds of materials.

News and events in Ukraine
Our country is actively involved in the development of modern technologies that improve the production of safe plastic containers.
Every year on the territory of Ukraine various conferences and exhibitions are held, which demonstrate the capabilities of enterprises. This year, such events are a little limited, but consumers can still attend such events.

In October 2020, one of the leading exhibitions in the international packaging industry, Upakovka, was scheduled. The exhibition was supposed to showcase some of the best achievements in the field of food packaging. In addition, the participants present scientific developments in the plastic recycling industry.

The event is postponed indefinitely, so the participants will still have the opportunity to present their developments and establish contacts with scientists and experts from other countries. Upakovka is an opportunity to see the results of new packaging technologies, as well as get acquainted with modern plastic food containers. In addition, you can see modern equipment for the production of polypropylene and other plastic products.

As for the thematic categories of the exhibition, they include:
equipment for printing on products;
materials for packaging, as well as technologies for their manufacture;
equipment for the production of glass containers;
devices for food packaging;
packaging lines;
packaging, dosing, and weighing equipment;
equipment for packaging and pouring drinks;
equipment for the manufacture of plastic containers.

A separate section is technologies for the disposal and recycling of packaging. Another important event that has been postponed to a new date is the PAK EXPO international exhibition. It is the largest exhibition event in the field of packaging.

Visitors will be able to get acquainted with ready-made system solutions that can be used in the food industry, and the latest equipment and technologies for the production of plastic containers.

World news in the packaging industry
In connection with the greening of production, large enterprises in Europe and the United States have embarked on the production of safe packaging. For example, the German manufacturer ENGEL, together with 6 other entrepreneurs, founded a special platform called “Packaging with the Future”. The main goal of the initiative is to raise people’s awareness of the wise use of packaging.

All partners who founded the platform takes an active part in the development of the global circular economy for polymer packaging. They promote the replacement, reduction, and reuse of raw materials. This, in their opinion, helps to improve the ecological situation and reduce the level of environmental pollution.
Among the founders of the platform are Greiner, Erema, and others.
Each of them is already making an important contribution to the achievement of these goals, applying modern technologies in production. The overall goal of the initiative is also to be plastic packaging.
The founders pay attention to the fact that plastic must be handled correctly. Only in this case, it is possible to reduce the harmful effects of the material.

PrimeBox also supports the main theses of this development of the plastic industry, therefore it offers customers only high-quality and safe products.


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