Is plastic harmful to the environment?


Plastic is used in almost all spheres of life. This material is used to make goods for construction, furniture, toys, and packaging. But, plastic food containers deserve special attention.

The safety of these products is the subject of constant disputes between environmentalists and plastic manufacturers not only in Ukraine but throughout the world.

Let’s try to figure out how harmful the material is to health and the environment.

Is plastic suitable for food storage?

Despite the skepticism of some experts, plastic can be used to store food and water. They make plastic containers from it, which fully comply with all technical norms and standards. In the manufacturing process, a special type of material is used that does not harm and does not emit toxic substances.

It is fundamentally different from the plastic used for technical purposes. But, before choosing a container for food, you should decide on the purpose of use. There is a plastic container for disposable and multiple uses. Disposable items can only be used once. After that, they become dangerous and can release harmful substances.

What kind of plastic is safe?

Among all the existing varieties of such material, polypropylene, which is used in the production of PrimeBox, deserves special attention. Due to its special physical and chemical properties, it is widely used in the production of buckets and food containers.

Its density is 0.90-0.91g/cm³, higher than that of thin polyethylene, and the maximum operating temperature can reach 1400C. This characterizes polypropylene as durable and heat-resistant material.

With such characteristics, it practically does not emit toxic substances, which makes it the most suitable option for food storage. In addition, this type of plastic has several other characteristics:

Resistance to repeated bending;
No chemical smell.

Given this, polypropylene can be safely called an environmentally friendly carbon material that does not pose a danger to humans and the environment. It is also recyclable and has a much shorter decay time than other plastics.

The only drawback is that strong heating provokes a minimal release of toxic elements. Compared to the amount of other toxic substances emitted by vehicles and large factories in Kyiv, Odesa, and other cities of Ukraine, their share is negligible.

What marking confirms the safety of plastic containers?

For the manufacture of containers, only harmless polypropylene is used, which is marked with a special mark. Seeing it on containers, you can safely use them to store food and water. Plastic containers usually have a special triangle-shaped icon, inside which several letters are indicated. They indicate the type of plastic. In some cases, the temperature regime from -90 to +110 degrees is also indicated.

If you see a mark in the triangle, the mark “PP” – means that the container is safe for health and the environment. Food and various liquids can be placed here. An additional green dot on the packaging is also a confirmation of harmlessness.

The only caveat is that buckets and other plastic containers cannot be heated to high temperatures. Such containers are sent for recycling after use, which avoids environmental pollution. And for heating, special plastic containers with a wave icon are used.

Eco-friendly plastic packaging from PrimeBox

If you need plastic packaging from a manufacturer for organizations of various profiles, you have come to the right place. The company offers high-quality and environmentally friendly plastic buckets for various types of enterprises.

They are suitable for the chemical, construction, and food industries. We are one of the largest manufacturers of polymeric materials, so we guarantee an affordable price and favorable terms of cooperation.


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