Interesting facts about polypropylene


The need to buy plastic containers sooner or later may arise for each of us. Products are useful for everyday use in various areas of life. Compact boxes are used in the kitchen, while buckets and containers are often used in the chemical, construction, and food industries. When buying such products, few people think about the material from which the container is made.

Naturally, the label indicates that it is plastic. But, there are several varieties of this material, which differ in certain characteristics. Polypropylene is one of them and is the most environmentally friendly variety. Prime Box specialists offer to consider some interesting facts that will clearly show all the positive properties of this type of plastic.

Manufacturing process
Polypropylene is a non-polar thermoplastic type of polymer that is synthetic. Externally, it is a white solid, which is obtained by the polymerization of propylene. The main feature is that no harmful and hazardous wastes are emitted into the environment during the production process.

Unlike other types of plastic, polypropylene requires relatively few energy resources during the manufacturing process. In addition, water is practically not used during production, and the melting point of the material is quite low.

Ecological cleanliness

This fact is confirmed by the fact that almost all plastic food containers are made of polypropylene. This is because there are no plasticizers, heavy metals, and other harmful chemicals in the composition of polypropylene. It consists of safe components – carbon and hydrogen. In addition, it has chemical resistance (inertness).

This allows you to safely store almost any food product in propylene products and not be afraid that they will get an unpleasant aftertaste or chemical smell of plastic. Household waste from such material can also be disposed of without problems. They do not worsen the state of the external environment.


It is also worth buying a container made of polypropylene due to possible further processing. The material belongs to the group of the most easy-to-recycle types of plastic. PP does not lose its strength, even after 52 repeated uses. It can be disposed of in a landfill or even incinerated without harming the environment.

The calorific value of polypropylene is identical to oils, so it is destroyed during the combustion process without the use of additional fuel. This feature allows significant fuel savings in waste incineration plants. During combustion, only carbon dioxide or water vapor can be released, which is converted by the process of photosynthesis.

Compliance with 4 essential requirements of the European Commission for the environment
The production of plastic packaging from polypropylene in Ukraine is developing more and more every day since this material is characterized by several positive properties.

It is he who meets the 4 requirements of the European Commission:
long service life;
minimal use of natural resources;
optimization of recycling and reuse;
no emissions of polluting chemicals into the atmosphere.
This makes polypropylene the most profitable material for many industries.

High level of durability

PP is a versatile material that is unaffected by chemicals, greases, and most oils. In addition, this type of plastic does not tear or break during operation.

The dense structure and flexibility reduce the likelihood of any defects on the surface. Polypropylene is not afraid of extreme temperatures, aging, and sunlight. What can not be said about acetate/cellulose / PVC – materials become unusable much faster.

These facts are not all that can characterize this material. Prime Box offers to evaluate the properties of polypropylene by placing an order for plastic containers on our website.
We offer quality products that will be useful in the chemical, food, and construction industries.
They are presented in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Choosing from such a wide variety can sometimes be difficult. But, our experienced consultants will be able to help in this matter.
We ship plastic containers throughout Ukraine. Delivery of products is carried out to the Dnieper, Lviv, Odesa, Kyiv, and other cities of Ukraine.


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