Injection molding methods


The method is based on the technology of pouring molten polymer material into pre-prepared molds. Pressure is the key. This allows you to get plastic products of different formats. The process uses a special technique injection molding machine. It allows you to create both micro-parts weighing no more than a fraction of a gram and large parts weighing more than 10 kilograms.

The essence of the method lies in the fact that the prepared material is transferred to the desired state (in this case, viscous-fluid), and then injection into the prepared container occurs. The type of form used is negotiated in advance with the customer.

What are injection molding methods?

Several basic methods allow you to pour plastic containers under pressure according to the specified parameters.

Intrusive method

This method is used in the production of products with thick walls. The molten material is fed to the mold by the type of rotation of the worm. At this time, the extrusion mode is in effect. Having filled the form, the worm proceeds to the stage of feeding the form in the axial direction.

This compensates for the natural shrinkage of the hot melt. To obtain the desired result, it is necessary to take into account the thermal stability of polymers. The method is characterized by several features:

a slight pressure develops in the injection mold;
creation of thin-walled containers is problematic;
the volume of finished products may be greater than the volume of injection;
limited mold nesting.

In addition, plastic containers and other products obtained by this method have a simple geometry.

Injection method

In this case, the manufacturing process includes several stages:

The required amount of molten material is collected in a special place in the cylinder;
high-pressure injection (not more than 200 MPa);
Injection of plastic within a few seconds.

In the production of plastic packaging in Ukraine, this method is most often used. As a result, a product with a complex configuration is created. The walls in finished plastic products can be of different thicknesses.

In the process, it is possible to use multi-cavity molds. But, the main difference in the method is that the volume of finished products does not exceed the passport injection volume.

Injection-gas casting

Belongs to the category of new methods that allow the processing of thermoplastics using LM. In the process, the molten polymer is injected into a special container. The material does not fill it. From 5 to 25% of the capacity remain free. After that, a nipple or nozzle is activated, through which a mixture of gases under pressure enters the container.

Its main task is to “inflate” the molten material and thereby increase the thickness of the material layer. After the creation of plastic products, gas is removed from the tank. The procedure is completed by injection of the rest of the molten polymer, which “seals” the mold. The advantage of this technology is a significant saving on expensive polymers (up to about 40%).

Injection-press method

During the application of the method, the effect of different levels of strength of the components is created. When the container is filled, the pressure of the melt drops significantly in the peripheral zones. Due to this, it is possible to achieve the indicated effect. The technology is most often used for the production of large-sized products. The pressure in the mold is formed by a combination of the work of the press mechanism in the clamping unit, as well as injection.

What method does PrimeBox use?

For the manufacture of plastic containers, we use only modern equipment that operates on injection molding technology. The application of this method opens up wide possibilities for production.
Customers can order wholesale plastic products of different volumes, formats, and sizes. The molds used in our injection molding machines are designed according to our sketch. They are regularly calibrated and repaired, which helps to avoid manufacturing defects.

All equipment and forms are regularly updated, ensuring the impeccable quality of the buckets. If you want to buy plastic containers from us, then you just need to contact the managers in any convenient way. Delivery is carried out to Lutsk, Sumy, Zhytomyr, and other cities in Ukraine.


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