Differences between food and household plastic buckets


Plastic packaging is one of the most convenient and practical types of containers. It withstands high temperatures, provides reliable protection of the contents, and has a high tightness. These properties allow the use of products for household purposes and food storage.

Consider the main differences between them using the plastic buckets manufactured by PrimeBox as an example. The main varieties can be seen in our catalog.

What is the difference between household and food buckets?
If you had to choose buckets for a specific purpose in a store, then you probably encountered certain difficulties. Typically, the assortment includes plastic buckets from the manufacturer of various shapes, sizes, and colors.

It is sometimes very difficult to choose among them a product for food or household purposes since they are all similar. In this case, it is worth focusing on several parameters:
type of raw material.

To understand how to use these criteria, you need to study each of them in more detail.


Inspecting the container, you need to trust your “feelings”. Distinguishing plastic food containers from household products is quite simple. The food material is always pleasant to the touch, does not have a sharp unpleasant odor, and also has a smooth surface.
Additional confirmation is a uniform color. If in doubt about something, you can ask the seller to feel the item or provide clear photos of it. The photographs should clearly show the design, material, and fasteners.

Type of raw material

The type of material that is used during production is the main distinguishing criterion. In this case, we are talking about primary raw materials and recycled materials. The first option is high-quality plastic that is not recycled. It is this material that PrimeBox uses for the production of food-grade plastic containers.

Buckets made of such plastic are quite durable and safe for health. In addition, they do not affect the taste and appearance of food in any way. In contrast, household buckets have a more rigid and rough surface, as well as a standard color. They can be distinguished by dark, pastel, and white shades. Another important criterion is the perceptible smell.

Such containers are suitable for storing technical water, heavy objects, building materials, and non-food products. But, do not leave such containers in the heat. Under the influence of hot sunlight, it can be deformed.


Before you buy a plastic container, you should carefully study the inscriptions on the bottom. It is there that the basic information about the material and purpose is indicated. Reliable manufacturers directly indicate what this product is suitable for. At the bottom, you can see the inscription – “For food” or “For technical purposes.”

In addition, there you can see the icon of glass with a fork or “PP”. Both inscriptions confirm the use of an environmentally friendly type of plastic in the production of containers. These buckets are ideal for storing and transporting food and food. For household purposes, containers marked “PE” are suitable.

Where to buy buckets for food and household purposes?
Ordering plastic containers in Ukraine is not difficult. They are available at various points of sale. But, if you are interested in really high-quality food and household plastic buckets, then we are pleased to offer our products. We have a wide range of products in our catalog that is durable and safe.

We also offer different color schemes, which is an additional bonus. The choice of color already depends on the specific purpose. To place an order, just select the appropriate products, and fill out an application on the site. If you have any questions, please contact our phone managers.


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