Advantages of polypropylene products


Polypropylene is considered one of the safest types of plastic, so it is widely used in various industries. Tanks, containers for transporting various chemicals, various pipes, etc. are made from this material in Ukraine. But polypropylene is especially in demand in the food industry. Plastic food containers are made from this material.

The main characteristics of polypropylene

Among all existing types of plastic, this material has the lightest weight and density of 0.905 g/cm2. It produces airtight and durable containers, the wall thickness of which varies from 5 to 20 mm. In addition, buckets made of polypropylene are highly resistant to aggressive environmental factors.

It is also worth buying plastic containers of this type because of their resistance to various chemicals (salts, acids, and concentrates). It can store water and other types of liquids. In Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, and other cities of Ukraine, polypropylene containers are purchased by large food production enterprises.

They are ideal for storing crumbly, solid, and liquid foods. In plastic containers, products can not only be stored but also transported. They reliably protect against external factors, including ultraviolet radiation. Due to the resistance to aggressive chemical components, polypropylene containers can also store various reagents and substances used in the chemical industry.

Advantages of polypropylene containers

The main advantage of such packaging is harmlessness to people and the environment. Proper use of containers made of such material almost eliminates the possibility of the release of caustic substances. Grains and foodstuffs in polypropylene containers retain their original properties and are not poisoned by toxins.

Many manufacturers of plastic containers, including PrimeBox, also note several additional advantages:

durability – products made of polypropylene can last more than 45 years without loss of quality (they are not affected by temperature changes and sunlight);
Ease of use – you won’t have to spend extra money on maintenance of such containers;
a wide variety of sizes and shapes – you can buy containers for large items, food, as well as chemical reagents (for each case there is a suitable container);
high resistance to corrosion – the container withstands the aggressive effects of liquid fertilizers, water from sewage, as well as other chemicals;
neutrality – the material does not absorb odors of third-party objects, does not emit odors itself, and does not affect the color and taste of stored components;
lightweight – ensures convenient transportation of various products and substances.

One of the important advantages of polypropylene is also affordable cost. You can buy plastic buckets in Kyiv at retail and wholesale. In the latter case, buyers receive a favorable discount. Manufacturers offer products in standard shapes and sizes, but it is also possible to manufacture according to individual parameters. This allows you to purchase the most suitable option for any requirements.

Polypropylene packaging from PrimeBox

Here you can find safe plastic containers for storing food, chemicals, and building materials. All products presented on the site have high strength, do not react with other media, and do not have thermal conductivity.

We are a division of the well-known Ukrainian trader Trivita LLC, which is engaged in the wholesale supply of high-quality polymeric materials. We offer favorable conditions for organizations that buy plastic containers in bulk.

We guarantee affordable prices, excellent product quality, and the attentive attitude of employees. All terms of cooperation are documented. Before the start of cooperation, the parties conclude an agreement in which all the wishes of the customer and the obligations of the manufacturer are prescribed.


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