Prime Box –

International manufacturer of plastic packaging

We are the production unit of the largest Ukrainian polymer materials trader LLC Trivita. Trivita has many years of experience, a strong team, and a reputation as a reliable partner.

In April 2020, we took control of the manufacturing plant of plastic containers, which successfully produced products for more than 10 years in Ukraine.

Thanks to an uninterrupted supply of raw materials, professional and modern business management, our modernized production facilities and a high level of staff qualification, we will provide you with the best product in a short time and at the best price!

How do we make plastic that is PRIME?

Какие пластиковые ведра можно заказать у нас оптом

Attention to details

We monitor the quality of our products, cleanliness at the factory, the qualifications of all the employees and the flawless operation of our machines. All injection moulding machines pass scheduled inspections, we use only high-quality oil and work smoothly.

Investments in development

Our moulds are manufactured according to our designs, made of high-quality alloy steels, regularly repaired and calibrated. The fleet of injection moulding machines and moulds is continuously updated to obtain the perfect quality of plastic buckets.

Focus on result

We are focused on the production of polypropylene buckets by injection moulding and have plans to expand our products. At the moment, the production capacities of our plant allow us to provide output up to 90 t/m.

Flexibility of production

Our buckets are available in different containers and all colours on the palette, as well as they are equipped with a handle and a lid, have a control seal and can be made for sealing. Buckets will soon be produced with IML printing according to the customer requirements.

What plastic buckets can be ordered in bulk from us

To get your tasks done, we:

Delivery of products is carried out both by the customer’s transport and other courier services.